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Mission Statement

Ebb + Flow is a studio dedicated to creating the best products and experiences a brand deserves. We are passionate about the future, the planet and designing meaningful experiences. It drives us everyday.

We believe firmly in design, technology and how it affects our lives. We also believe in working for the greater good and making a difference.
We want to make a difference.
We want our work to make a difference.

It’s hard to make a difference if you don’t understand your environment. So our studio focuses on the environment, the audience, and the market. Our culture is heavily cemented with innovation, communication and creation. Pushing us to explore new methods and technologies. We learn from the past and accelerate into the future.

We approach design with simplicity and utility.

Amelia Shaw

Amelia Shaw is a troubleshooter, a problem solver. She is a photographer who has spent the greater part of a decade honing her skills in the fashion and music worlds. Not one to be idle, Amelia is also a designer, developer and film maker. She can handle all facets of the digital world. From the back and front end of a website, photographs, film to graphics. She has worked closely with many clients, exercising and honing all of these skills. In the process developing relationships, leading to new clients and creative partnerships.
Amelia grew up by the beach in Australia. When she isn’t working, bouncing between NYC, Toronto and Sydney, she is at the beach. Often, when she is at the beach she is still working. The dichotomy of big city and small coastal town is reflected in Amelia’s easy going, yet driven personality. Amelia is a true global player. If she has her laptop and camera, she can create anything.

Louise Clark

Louise is the backbone of Ebb + Flow. She has been at the center of many small businesses, helping them set up and run efficiently and successfully. With a background in Business and Project Management, she has worked within a dynamic range of industries including the corporate world, charity & not for profit, retail, hospitality, health & wellness, recruitment and sales, and creative industries.

In 2010, while working for one of New Zealand’s largest digital design agencies, Lou discovered User Experience and fell in love. Being EXTREMELY organised and passionate about UX, Lou will ensure your project is delivered on time and ensure that the usability of your website keeps insight of you, your customers and what they value.