A space for community, creativity, and connection.

It’s important for us to surround ourselves with those who inspire us. It drives us to do better work, be better humans, and work towards creating a better world. NextDoor is the adjoining warehouse we set up to foster just that.

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Holly Terry

Holly Terry is a visual Artist and Yoga Teacher based on the Sunshine Coast/Kabi Kabi Land. Drawing inspiration from the subtle and non-subtle yogic practices, Holly’s abstract works explore the depths and layers of physical movement, form, and non physical practices such as pranayama and Prana. Holly’s work is feminine in form and palette, though met with a subtle strength through the use of texture to create depth.

Creative since childhood, Holly moved in and out of artistic expressions throughout her teenage years and early adulthood, exploring installation, sculpture, digital and illustration before solidifying a more formal, regular painting practice.

See more of Holly’s work here;

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Kate Florence

Studying Fine Arts at university, Kate specialised in sculpture and installation followed by a year in Milan focusing on traditional painting and video art. She moved to Melbourne from England at the start of 2018 to pursue her dream of being an artist - the lifestyle offering a lot more freedom to concentrate on growing her own passions and discovering her own style.

“Working with paint is a real journey, I feel as though I am still very much exploring how to work with it, how to find myself through paint. It's a never ending journey of growth, failure and perseverance and confidence, I am just at the beginning. For me, making work is an emotional portal, and outlet to express what words can not. I cant think about other things when i paint, I’m just there, with the brush and canvas wondering where it will take me. I deliberately aim not to pre plan much of my work so I can freely explore my ideas that come to me and not be too restricted with pre conceived ideas”.

See more of Kate’s work here;

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Rosie Woods

Rosie is an international street and studio artist from London, now living in Noosa, Australia. She has painted enormous walls across the world. Her dramatic murals and paintings have been produced at many international art festivals, public art projects and for high-end brands, including l’Oréal, Alexander McQueen, and Augustinus Bader.

Her work has been featured in books, publications, and news outlets such as the BBC, The Independent, and Raised in the suburbs of London and now living on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Rosie has a love for both the creativity and diversity of urban landscapes and the peace of nature.

After 8 years of working almost exclusively outside, Rosie has begun to focus more intently on her studio practice as she continues to create work that is both original in concept and content.

See more of Rosie’s work here;

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SevGen Indigenous Corporation

SevGen is short for Seven Generations and is an Indigenous ecological thinking that we must consider that our deliberations and actions of today, will affect seven generations into the future, requiring us to be more conscious about our actions while drawing on the wisdoms of seven generation ancestors. With an intergenerational story of not being served well by the school system, founder Terri Waller believed there was a need for new approaches and methodologies that would bring connection and relevance to Indigenous students.

SevGen caters equally for multiple intelligences and different learning styles and works within a unique 3E model to help fund and sustain its relationship and location based character that is being described as an authentic Australian pedagogy.

SevGen is a community development concept. It has a range of social enterprises all of which have learning at the core for those of us who have been ‘dis’sed: disconnected, disenfranchised, disempowered people who are seeking a deeper meaning and sense of purpose in their lives.

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The Great State

The Great State is a locally owned and made natural soothing skin balm. Doing business right - all their ingredients are sourced ethically, often supporting social enterprises.

The Great State Soothing Skin Balm was created with you in mind; it is effective, distinctive and excellent at multi-tasking.

Their Soothing Skin Balm was made for everyday use to treat common skin complaints. A dense beeswax-based balm that penetrates the skin and seals in moisture. With no synthetic perfume, the only fragrance is the natural scent of honey and coconut. Good enough to eat really.
Multi-use, gentle and effective.