Our purpose & passion is
doing business for good.

We are fiercely passionate about our responsibility to do business with purpose and soul, and love to actively support those who we believe are making the world a better place. Here’s a little snapshot of some of the ways we’re working towards this…

1% For The Planet 

We donate 1% of our revenue to 1 percent for the planet which is then used to fund diverse environmental organisations.

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Welcome Here

As proud supporters of diversity, and inclusion, we are a member of Welcome Here.

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Surfrider Foundation

As passionate ocean lovers, we are proud to support the amazing work of Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast. We volunteer a number of hours to help them with their e-newsletters, and you’ll often catch us at their beach clean ups.

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NextDoor Creative Space

It’s important for us to surround ourselves with those who inspire us. It drives us to do better work, be better humans, and work towards creating a better world. NextDoor is the adjoining warehouse we set up to foster just that. A space for community, creativity, and connection.

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SevGen Indigenous Corporation 

We truly believe that our First Nations people hold the wisdom and knowledge to how we can live in harmony with our natural world, and our communities. Constantly blown away but the amazing work that Terri Waller and the team at SevGen are doing, we are proud to partner with them and provide a pro bono services to assist the build and ongoing support of their ecommerce website.

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Employee Well-Being

Committed to nurturing the well being of our most important asset, we offer extremely flexible working conditions for our team, have adopted the 4 day work week since 2019, pay for our team’s personal training sessions and put their mental and physical wellbeing at the forefront of what we do.