About Us

When you work with us,
you work with us.

Ebb + Flow was established back in 2014.
True to our name, our studio has been through many iterations, and over the years we’ve had some incredible humans share the journey with us. We’ve now found our sweet spot as a small, local team of senior staff, and guarantee we won’t send you off-shore. We are passionate about partnering with great clients to deliver the very best tailored solutions.

Through meaningful design and creative storytelling, we build content and digital experiences that truly connect. Our studio brings together a unique set of skills and expertise that will bring your brand to life online, creating long lasting impressions, memorable experiences & measurable impact.

Lou Clark image

Lou Clark

Co-Founder and Managing Director of ebb + flow studio, Lou is passionate about designing beautiful brand and user experiences. Fiercely determined to implement empathy, ethics and creativity into business practice, she has over 20 years experience in online strategy working in creative agencies across the globe.

Strategy, development and planning is her game all while continuing to evolve and grow towards more compassionate business models. A true future thinker in the most positive and inclusive kind of way.

Currently listening to; Deepak Chopra Daily Meditations
Currently spending her non-studio time; Being the best foster mum to a gorgeous little soul

Amelia Shaw image

Amelia Shaw

Co-Founder and Creative Director of ebb + flow studio, Amelia has over 20 years experience in photography and the digital design space.

Before calling the Sunshine Coast home, Amelia spent years abroad in New York and Montreal where she worked with global organisations and successful startups.

Photography has also taken Amelia all over the world, from high end fashion shoots in NY, to having her images featured in Vogue, Essence, Interview and the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

An extremely gifted photographer, web designer and all round creative visionary, she is dedicated to mastering whatever she puts her mind to.

Currently listening to; IDLES
Currently spending her non-studio time; Running, reading about running, dreaming about running, talking about running!

Jen Sharpe image

Jen Sharpe

Senior Brand Strategist + Account Manager at ebb + flow studio, Jen is the ultimate communications all-star and our in house wordsmith.

With over 20 years experience in marketing and account management on both the agency and client side, Jen has worked internationally across a diverse range of global brands including Red Bull, Whistler Blackcomb, Ironman & Burton (just to name a few).

With ebb & flow since the early days, her creative and strategic mind ensures there is purpose behind every play. Previously holding National Marketing Manager roles in the sports & event industries, she has always been drawn to like minded creative souls, and thrives putting her skills to work in the studio environment.

Mother to two gorgeous little humans, a well rounded shredder on both slopes and sea. With a green thumb and a heart of gold, you will often see this wonder sporting a smile and likely a jumpsuit.

Currently listening to; Surfers Journal Podcasts
Currently spending her non-studio time; Mumming, Running & Surfing

We are tactile, textured, odd, bold, messy, honest, deliberate, instinctual, connected, articulate, interested, progressive, creative.

We are ebb + flow.