(image credit http://warkawater.com/)

Designing A Better World

Today we take our hats off to the social innovators. Those out there who are willing to think outside the box, and come up with creative, innovative solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.  Too often world issues get caught up in old stagnant bureaucratic trenches, and placed in the ‘too hard’ basket for the average punter to think that they can have an impact on, or be part of the solution.

We’ve recently stumbled across two amazing projects that are using creativity and innovation to come up with some pretty awesome ways of working with waste and nature to help African communities access clean drinking water. Check them out, who knows maybe they’ll inspire you to get innovating and do your thing for this crazy world we live in.

Loop Cycles – http://www.loopcycles.org/

Shocked by the massive numbers of discarded bicycles that were left as landfill after Burning Man Festival, the team at Loop Cycles have partnered up with Lekker Bikes and Bikes For Humanity. Together they have designed an affordable, quality bike that people can buy and use during the Burning Man Festival.  After the festival closes, instead of becoming landfill, the Loop bikes are shipped over to Nambia, Africa to help give access to clean water, healthcare, and education.

Warka Water Tower – http://warkawater.com/

The team at Warka Water have taken inspiration from nature to design a structure that produces clean drinking water – from the atmosphere.  The tower is affordable, easy for the villages to erect and maintain, and provides an alternative clean water source for those villages in rural and remote areas of Africa.  We loved reading about the evolution of the project, and how time and time again they have used creative thinking to overcome challenges.

(image credit http://warkawater.com/)